What is the Title of Your Movie Poster?


The Story of MEHere is a fun consciousness game that can make a difference for you in your life. It is called what is the title of your movie poster. Imagine that they, whoever they are, made a movie of you and your life the way you really wanted it to be.

You know with all the joy, peace, happiness, healthiness, wealth, love, success, helping others, money and relationships, etc; everything that you wanted in it. What would be the name of this movie and what would the three word description be? The subtitle of this movie is “The Story of Me”.

When we get done with this little game we are going to use it in a way that will change your life in a way that will be very pleasing and useful for you.

What would the image of you in your Movie Poster look like and what would the Title and three word description be? The title and the 3 descriptive words will add extra punch when we are done with this.

To begin let’s make a poster for your movie that represents you just the way you want to be… with optimum health, happiness, relationships, finances, the ability and resources to help others, love, success, access to any resource you need, joy, peace, bliss, passion, etc.

Once you have your poster that represents you having all of those characteristics, attributes, abilities and resources it is time to come up with the title of the movie and the three word descriptors.For fun let’s have the three word descriptions all start with the same letter. Here are some examples…

The Story of ME-Attitude

The Story of ME-BalanceThe Story of ME-PowerThe Story of ME-FlowIn these examples we used these words in an attempt to express the fullness of who you really are and give you some ideas you can use to come up with your own.

These are not the correct or right words they are examples to spur your imagination and creativity.

Here are some others to help you come up with your own:

Clarity, Creativity, Champion

Energize, Enlightened, Everlasting

Inclusion, Incredible, Indestructible

 Happy, Healthy, Harmonious 

After you come up with your three descriptive words now it is time to come up with the title of your movie. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Imperfectly Perfect

Life Is But A Dream

Who Am I

Universal Love

Unconditional Love

Wide Open


Then let’s put it all together so you have the poster that represents everything you are and want, the movie title, the sub title and the three word descriptor.Houston's Picture in Picture

Here is an example that I use… Now that you have your movie poster that represents everything that you desire let’s do something with it so that we move more and more into being and experiencing this.

Relax, get comfortable and take in 3 deep breaths. As you let each breath out relax. Feel the tension in your body, mind and soul/spirit flow out. From that relaxed state of mind and body

Make 100 digital copies of your movie poster. Now take each one of those movie posters and throw them into each month of your future for 100 months. Watch and feel the digital picture on each month duplicate into every day of the month.

As you are relaxing, begin moving through your future day by day and month by month feeling this movie of you until it feels like it is locking into your neurology.

If you want to solidify it do this first thing in the morning as you are waking up and last thing at night as you are laying in bed. And if you want to supercharge this whole process contact me and I will send you the best way I have found to make this work.



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  1. I love the idea of making a movie of my future self. Thanks so much Dr. Vetter. I remember your seminars a lot. Nice to hear from you. Nijole

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