Why Be Pushed When You Can Be Carried? Inspiration vs Motivation


inspiration vs motivation

This is taken from an article I wrote on inspiration vs motivation for national publication and I thought you would enjoy it as well. Especially if you want things to go easier and smoother and faster for you.

Inspiration and motivation, the difference between Power and Force determines how hard you work to get what you really want or if you even get it at all. Have you ever heard the phrase, “That inspires me” or “that motivates me”? What is the difference and does it make a difference in whether or not you get what you want out of life?

Many people confuse the two and think they mean or represent the same thing. However, they are two different things generated in two opposite ways. Both of these trigger the power of intention inside you; however they do it in two different ways which make all the difference in the world as to the results you get and how easy or hard, fast or slow or if you even get the results you want.

Do you want to be pushed or would you like to be carried to the joyful pleasing results you are after? Do you want to have to keep artificially creating, i.e. forcing your power of intention or would you rather enjoy the pleasure of it naturally flowing from you and through you and even arranging external situations and circumstances in ways where you do less and get more accomplished?

That’s the difference between the power that comes from inspiration and the force of motivation.


  • …is self generating 
  • …is natural
  • …naturally flows out of you
  • …requires little effort
  • …directs your focus,
  • …carries you


  • …must be generated by someone other than you 
  • …not as natural
  • …has to be constantly feed externally or internally
  • …requires a lot of effort
  • …requires focus on motivation to stay motivated
  • …pushes you

It is a question of am I going to depend on others which gives me weak personal power or am I going to look within where all my power is generated?

Forcing something is a lot harder than having the power to let things flow, especially when you have to depend on others for the energy. Both inspiration and motivation are forms of energy that move us and can be used to get us where we want to be and to have the things we want to have.

Again the question is, “Do you want to be pushed or would you like to be carried to the joyful pleasing results you are after?” The choice is always yours now that you know there is a difference.

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There are two very useful way to start making this happen for you more and more. And I would suggest you  get both of them…

The first training shifts your core beliefs so you can recognize more easily inspiration over  motivation as it comes to you.

The second paraliminal/meditation helps you adjust your self talk so you naturally follow motivation less and inspiration more.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston

P.S. Reminder I do make my living from people purchasing products and services from me. That being said. I only recommend products and services that I think are excellent value and will help you achieve exactly what you want.

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Why Be Pushed When You Can Be Carried? Inspiration vs Motivation — 7 Comments

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  2. Hi Doc,

    I have a question about replacing core beliefs one doesn’t want any more. Can you tell me, is there a way to do this on your own?

    Thanks. 🙂


    • Anna,
      Sure if you know structurally how you create or form a belief, simply reverse the process or apply the process backwards. If you don’t understand the structure of how you form beliefs, remove the energy charge that holds the belief in place. If you don’t know how to remove the charge that holds a belief in place or understand how to use structure I am sure there are ways to do this on your own and I suspect just living sooner or later will make the shift. However, what I would do is go learn either of the two ways I’ve described, which will probably require an investment of some sort and then you will have the skill if you do the drills to remove, replace or restore any belief including core beliefs anytime you want.
      To Your Best,
      Doc Houston

  3. Thanks Doc Houston. I appreciate the reply. I guess if you had the time to explain specifically, I’d love it – in my case, the beliefs are there from childhood. Sometimes it feels as though they were there long before. I grew up the 3rd child in a minister’s family. I was completely, utterly a believer. But then my parent’s beliefs shifted (actually my Dad’s) and so I shifted mine too. I loved my Dad very much. So my life was then exposed to ‘spirituality’. Good at times, but also scary spirituality. Spirits, healing, speaking in tongues, witches. Prison ministry. I was very much still a believer, but you have to understand, it was tied into my relationship with my father. But now as an adult, and having seen my childhood faith in my Dad and my ‘heavenly father’ totally shattered and betrayed, I want to be free. I am happy to forgive you understand, but I want to be free of those beliefs, of those relationships. At the age of 33, I still feel tied. I don’t want the beliefs any more. I want to be in charge of myself, in control of my own life. (internally, and externally.)

    If you could suggest the technique, or the healing path you would advise, I would very much appreciate it. I guess it’s obvious, but I find it difficult to talk about these things to most ‘normal’ physicians, as obviously the mention of spirituality is I think generally equated to psychosis. Or something similar, so it’s difficult to get advice.

    Anyway, I guess that’s enough for a blog comment. 🙂 Thanks again for the reply, and I look forward to the next. Thanks again.

  4. Anna,

    Based on what you have written I would suggest getting our “The Way To Happiness” course http://docloves.me/waytohappiness and working through that and if that doesn’t do the job, which it should you would move on to the Improving Your Relationships Now http://docloves.me/relationshipnow.org as it deals with all relationships, not just romantic ones.

    I suspect the way to happiness which aligns your core beliefs will do the trick.

    To Your Best,
    Doc Houston

  5. Russ Perales Houston I read your last article on inspiration and motivation. Are you saying that there is no such thing as self motivation or are you just providing a option. I consider that the whole core of the Military and what I was taught was self motivation in the absence of leadership in a battle. We were taught and lived by the creed that each solider needs to be self motivated to make decisions and continue the fight. This is what makes our military different from other countries. Where if you chop off the head,of the decision makers the whole process crumbles to the ground. Thus the American Army creed of Army of one. Just curious on your thoughts. Thanks Russ

    • Russ,
      What I am saying is motivation and self motivation is something that one does based on external (outside of you) events and factors. And that you have to keep doing them. It’s like pushing water. Inspiration you will notice there is no concept of self inspiration because the inspiration is not something you have to build up or work at. It happens naturally and it is like being carried on the water.
      Motivation or self motivation does not produce enough energy to get the job done. That is why you have to keep finding it or manufacturing it. Inspiration on the other hand has more than enough energy to get the job done and usually a lot easier than motivation and inspiration is not something you can manufacture.
      Motivation is more artificial where inspiration is natural and organic.
      To Your Best,
      Dr. Vetter – DocResults.com
      To Feel Better – Call Dr. Vetter

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