Which Level of Identity Do You Use?


A warning: whichever level of identity you are using, Shallow Surface, Deeper, or Deepest is usually, not always, the level you believe others are using. That is one of the toughest challenges of communicating with others and why misunderstandings are personalized.

Sharing your opinion will be perceived quite differently depending on which level of identity another is using.

(Note: Everyone has access to all 3 levels of identity).

Why is what is about to be shared important? What is the value? It is important and valuable because of one of the Forgotten Fundamentals of (an exquisite) Life.

Energy flow, builds, charges and strengthens where attention goes.

Whichever level of identity one spends the most time focused on, becomes their dominant identity and the other identities are usually forgotten and no access is available to them.


Which Level of Identity Do You Use?

So here are some of the characteristics of the 3 levels of identity.

Shallow Surface Identity

The default level of identity with many is the Shallow Surface Identity. It is the first identity people learn from others. Those components that make up the Shallow Surface Identity include race, gender, religion, orientation, politics.

When someone voices their opinion from this identity level it is limited. It is filled with us vs them, this is terrible, horrible, bad, etc., and shouldn’t be allowed. This level is filled with negative emotions. Where the opinion comes off as complaining, mad, angry, sad, fearful and attacking without any useful or doable solutions.

Even though this level is focused on group orientation. Most everything is a personal negative judgment about a person, place or situation and attempts to negatively label the individual with a particular group label such as racist, homophobic, misogynist, etc.

When someone is using this identity everything you say is being filtered by them (projected on to you) through this identity even if you are nowhere near it.

Deeper Identity

Another level of identity that people are and sometimes use is the individual human identity which is not as limiting, shallow or as surface as the Shallow Surface Identity. From this level, there is fewer emotions and more balance.

The Individual Identity allows room for other opinions and is not bothers so much by differing opinions and focuses more on workable solutions. There is more humor and less personal judgment here.

This level does not see things from a race, gender, religion, orientation, political point of view. This level finds those arguments less than useful as those arguments do not provide many useful solutions. Things are seen more from an individual freedom bases and it is believed if the individual is allowed to flourish the group (all groups) will flourish as well. The understanding is that the individual is the smallest group and minority there is and if you take care of the individual all groups and minorities will be equal.

Deepest Identity

There is much confusion about the deepest identity and even though it is the foundation of who you are, many will not acknowledge it, much less use it. Since the majority of readers that read this seem to come from a Christian background I will quote Genesis Chapter 3 where God said, “Let us make (CREATE) (wo)man in our own image.

The image of God is not gender, race, orientation or political view based. The image of God(s) of every religion is that of CREATOR.  While the gender, race, orientation, political view of God may change from one religion to another the one thing that stays the same is the image of CREATOR.

At this level of identity, one realizes it is ALL made up. It is all created from the individual’s point of view, i.e. the mind of the individual. Which leads to another Forgotten Fundamentals of (an exquisite) Life.

The Individual IS the Meaning Maker. Without the individual, there is no meaning, no race, gender, religion, orientation, politics.

As the Meaning Maker, the individual realizes nothing has to be believed and yet whatever is believed will become one’s perceived and FELT reality. Not what is true, accurate or actual only a perceived FELT reality.

From this level of identity, responsibility is taken for everything without any emotional charge. The realization that what is perceived as another person, place or situation is the individual’s creation and any charge around that creation, is easily removed. There is much humor, chuckling, and mirth at this level.

Remember, if you are coming from a deeper or deepest identity and you are communicating with someone using their Shallow Surface Identity they will project that identity onto you regardless of where you are coming from. It is the ONLY way they can justify their emotional feelings.


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Houston, grew up in a fundamentalist Christian Orphanage, having no parents or political group to depend on. Through self-study (getting to know self) and inward inspection he learned how to help himself and others practically have the life that you really want, no matter what it is you really want.

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