What Is An Emotion?


LifesaverI read article after article on the internet and in magazines that have the title, “What is an emotion?” And the trouble is none of them tell or explain what an emotion is. The bottom line is when you know what an emotion is it is the most empowering aspect of your life and it is also the most challenging aspect of your life. Because when you actually know what an emotion is, personal responsibility and accountability will make you or break you.

I am on a Facebook group about Energy and Energy medicine and such an article showed up there. Now the interesting thing is 90% of what people are dealing with when they deal with energy or wanting to fix or change their energy is actually they are wanting to change the emotional parameters of how they perceive or feel about something. Even if it is a physical change they are looking for, there are loads of emotional content around the whole desire to change what is.

The challenge with most groups, which goes all the way to the head honcho, is people are not aware of what an emotion really is or they do and the responsibility and accountability muscle needs to be strengthen so very much. Either that or it appears many people, do not want to deal with what is actually going on and get the results they want in their life. I’m not sure people want to handle the amount of power that comes from having the experiences that come from knowing what an emotion is.

People often seem to prefer discussing mental constructs and head knowledge which is colored by their emotions rather than to actually deal with the real issue and get the results they say they want in their lives. It is not their fault and there is no blame towards anyone. It simply is the unconscious patterns that run our lives. People are not alone. We all have patterns (this includes me) that run our lives that we are not aware of and one of those patterns makes us think we don’t have patterns and that we operate out of free will and that is another post altogether. 

What is an emotion?

Before we can truly understand what an emotion is, it is valuable to understand what are the elements that make up how we understand and make meaning of everything that happens to us; since many people believe emotions are one of the basic elements that make up our experience.Fortunately or unfortunately, an emotion is a second tier parameter or element. So structurally what makes up an emotion lets us know what an emotion is.

As we explore how an emotion is created, which is a big key in understanding what an emotion is, it is useful to understand that before we add meaning to events, because we are the meaning makers, that nothing has any inherent meaning UNTIL… we as the meaning maker adds the meaning.

Meaning is made by taking the 5 basic channels or senses…

  • Visual,
  • Auditory,
  • Kinesthetic,
  • Olfactory and
  • Gustatory
  • (see, hear, feel, smell, taste)

… that happen outside of us and we re-present them internally to ourselves and arrange them in combinations. Meaning is always accompanied by an auditory addition of internal words to some internal Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory or Visual cue. In actuality Visual, Olfactory and Gustatory all require Kinesthetic and an Auditory meaning to have meaning otherwise they are events with no inherent meaning.

Do you see how these must work together for you or I to be able to create meaning and we haven’t even moved up to the level where emotions take place?


Usually round about now someone says what about a deaf person, “how can they make meaning because they cannot hear?” You are correct they can not hear externally and yet I have never met a deaf person that couldn’t hear internally and participate in what is termed self-talk. That is why inventors like Patrick Flanagan invented things like the neurophone which allows deaf people to hear external sound. There are numerous other uses for the neurophone that go far beyond allowing deaf folks to hear that is beyond the scope of this article.

OK, so we have our basic elements that we use to build meaning, so what is an emotion and how do we create one? Well an Lifesaveremotion is a gestalt. A gestalt is where you combine two elements that operate as one and that is exactly what an emotion is. It is a Kinesthetic body sensation with an Auditory meaning and label attached as if they are the same thing. Every emotion has a name mad, sad, glad, frustrated, unhappy, angry, etc. If you did not have a label it would simply be a Kinesthetic body sensation that was happening in the body. It would do what all sensations do, they would come and they would go, flowing through the body system. Body sensations are made up of things like pressure, depth, duration, intensity, frequency etc. These all take place before and after a meaning is added.

When we add a label or title to the kinesthetic body sensation flowing through the system now we have something we can flow attention to and one of the forgotten fundamentals of life is whatever we flow attention to charges, builds, energizes, accumulates and strengthens. As we focus on the label and not the body sensation the energy flows and charges, energizes and strengthens the kinesthetic body sensation because the label and the body sensation has been combined into a gestalt. That is how one builds and creates a strong emotion.

In the energy medicine field people like to say that an emotion is “energy in motion”. Well, that is not actually accurate. As the foundational discovery of EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques informs us, “all negative emotion is the result of a disruption in the flow of the energy system”. So more accurately emotions are energy felt in the body that we have giving a meaning and label to, period. Positive emotions move in balance and flow and where energy is restricted, disrupted, block or stopped negative emotion is the result. Someone asked me what an emotion is spiritually and I responded in the model I use everything is energy so the spiritual meaning of an emotion is the same as the energy understanding of emotions.

Now That We know What An Emotion is, Now What?


LifesaverNow that we understand structurally what an emotion is can we take advantage of it? One gentleman already has. Remember the 5 elements we use to make meaning (VAKOG) Zivorad M. Slavanski realized that the gestalt of Auditory and Kinesthetic (body sensation and meaning) i.e. emotion, is 99.9% involved in meaning making so he developed  a system using the 4 elements of an experience as being…

  • Picture-movie,
  • Body sensation,
  • Emotion and
  • Thought

Using these elements he and many others have been able to help remove the charge (disruption) that emotions create and give individuals the ability to manage emotions and how they feel, even to the point of them having major spiritual experiences.. Slavanski is not the only person to provide practical tools that get the results people are looking for and very quickly. EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Energetics, The Yuen Method; people Like Melissa Joy Jonnson with her “Little Book of Big Potentials; 24 Fields of Flow, Fulfillment, Abundance, and Joy in Everyday Life” are just a few of the people and techniques that can give anyone the ability to manage their emotions so you always have the ability to decide if you want to accept, sit with, shift or change the energy felt in the body, i.e. your emotions, and no longer project them onto others.

Why Do People Not Really Want To Know What An Emotion Is?

My speculation is the reason people would rather talk on the surface level, making up stories that don’t get them the results they want about what an emotion is; is not only does this all happen outside of our conscious awareness, when it does get into our awareness the implications can be extremely frighting. When you learn what an emotion is, you actual learn how an emotion is created. And that is one of the most powerful things in the world. It puts all that power right in your hands. And as Uncle Ben told Peter Parker…

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

Now that you have learned what an emotions is; you also understand who is responsible and accountable for the emotion and that can scare theLifesaver ‘you know what’ out of you. Because emotions are gestalts that we have made outside of our conscious awareness we mistakenly project the emotions and the meaning we made up on to other people as if they are the ones who made us feel this way.

When someone says or does something we perceive as going against us or as an attack on us, the kinesthetic body sensation kicks in and the meaning/label we have assigned to that body sensation comes to our mind and we project it onto the other person, using terms like abuse, rude, arrogant, mean, good, bad, right, wrong etc.

That is like we are drowning and someone throws us a life preserver and we push it away because we made an emotional judgment by projecting our meaning onto another human being and we are the one in trouble.

If you don’t realize what an emotion is and how it works you will victimize yourself by placing meanings that you made, that you are accountable for and that your are responsibility for, onto someone else blaming them for how you feel.

Do you see how powerful this can be? Do you also see, how scary this can be? This removes the right/wrong, good/bad judgments we place on one another and brings us face to face with out own energy and what we are creating.

No matter how much it feels someone else did something to me the actuality is, it is me doing it to me and then blaming you. Am I really willing to be that honest with myself? Or is it easier to take the path of victim and blame others for how I feel by claiming they verbally abused me and were rude and arrogant, etc, etc, etc.

Can I take this energy medicine pill, that is really about what I am doing inside and has nothing to do with what is going on inside of you and get well and stop victimizing anyone including myself? If not, I can be a big fish in my world of energy and not receive very much of the benefit.

So a good question to ask ourselves is… Do we really want to stop suffering and drowning in our own emotions? Or do we want to talk about it and refuse the life preserver that is right here for us? All we have to do is take the action (reach out and use the life preserver).

How Life Works Using The Energy Model and The Forgotten Fundamental Model





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