Who’s Misleading Who? The Alter of Science


Are you worshiping at the alter of science? You better be careful. You need to check that out. Is there scientific proof to back that up. Is that anecdotal evidence or science based? Don’t be mislead. Who’s misleading who?

In the field of medicine there are 3 models of medicine allopathic, holistic and Quantum-Vibrational. Holistic and Quantum-Vibrational (scientific explanation of Spiritual healing) have roots and go back for thousands of years where the allopathic model is the new kid on the block.

However, it is the allopathic model that attempts to exclude the other two models. Whereas the other two models acknowledge the place where allopathic medicine is useful.

At present allopathic medicine is the main focus of medicine and holistic and quantum-vibrational medicine are complementary and alternative medicines. Which means they are ancillary and usually a last resort after multiple different forms of allopathic medicine have been tried and have failed.

When it comes to pass that holistic and quantum-vibrational medicine are the main focus of medicine and healthcare and allopathic medicine is complementary and alternative we will witness a few things.

  • More recoveries
  • Faster recoveries
  • Less invasive measures
  • Tremendous cost savings
  • Far less governmental involvement*

(*The government will probably be involved with the allopathic side of things because of the cost.)

Presently the powers that be, those controlling the purse strings, i.e. government and the pharmaceutical industry are attempting to apply the same standards of test-ability to holistic and quantum-vibrational medicine that they use for allopathic. Which has gotten allopathic medicine in such a terrible bind, as a few scientist, like Dr. Rupert Sheldrake have tried to point out.

Those in the allopathic model do not realize how deluded the bases of the allopathic model is so they with confidence make statements like…

“but it is dangerous to lead a patient to the belief that conventional medical treatment is not required for the work up, diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause of pain. This is one of the reasons that I have chosen to only market my product as a physician dispense only cosmeceutical skin toner, and I do not market it directly to the public. Although my product is very safe and will not interfere with normal pain or sensation, the underlying cause of pain must always be thoroughly evaluated by a medical doctor to ensure the patient’s safest and most optimal outcome.” (emphasis added)

I am not encouraging others not to seek the prevailing medical opinion. In fact the prevailing medical opinion is my biggest asset. There percentage of results is so very, very high (NOT) usually way less than 50%. Right now I get a steady stream of referrals from MDs because 20-40% of their patient are the ones that go from doc to doc to doc with minimal or zero relief, help or results. Every honest MD knows they have this running through their clinic and that modern medical protocols are not working for their patients.

Also the modern medical outcome is not to diagnosis the underlying cause of pain but where to go to stop the pain chemically. They don’t have a clue where to look for the cause of the pain because all they’ve been taught is the biological and chemical fframe of reference and they definitely have hoodwinked the public into believing the safety and optimal outcome story for patients.

Right now according to the latest statistics… the #1 cause (it goes between 1 and 2) of deaths in the US is… tada… the modern medical system – prescription drug misuse. Who writes the scripts (MDs) and why do the patients trust them because they’ve been told it’s the safest and best way… By whom? The modern medical system mentality.

Based on statistics, not on the BS-Belief System morphic field generated by the modern medical Juggernaut it would seem it is dangerous to lead a patient to the belief that a system with less than 50% success rates and number 1 or 2 leading cause of death is required for the work up, diagnosis and treatment of anything, much less it ensure’s the patient’s safety or optimal outcome. The statistics just don’t back up that particular belief even though it IS the prevailing morphic field.

When did results and recovery rates below 50% become acceptable as safe and most optimal outcome? Was it when big pharma took over the medical system from (education to government) or before?

I have zero problem with testing the work we do. There are very few people who come to us first. The reason they come is they have ALREADY had all the test and been feed the party line. So the concern or the frame of us vs them is a fear based issue that can be set aside.

The point is the majority of doctors in the medical system have zero clue where the root cause of the issue (pain, whatever) is. They are stuck on biology and pharmaceuticals etc. IF they were smart they’d at least focus on the cell and getting it balance and flowing as the cell is the one common biological aspect of the physical body that is involved with EVERY issue and medical condition.

As Dr. Bruce Lipton demonstrated in is book “The Biology of Belief” it is way,way more than simply biology. biology may be the walls of the human body but it definitely is not the foundation.

From a biological POV the distinction of normal and abnormal pain is a useful distinction based on the mindset and worldview of the biological medical model. (From a everything is cellular POV the distinction loses some of it’s usefulness as balancing the cell is the intent not stopping the pain. When the cell is balanced and flowing all causes or disruptions are gone.

However, from a quantum-vibrational (energetic) POV it is all energy and it operates in the same way. There is not normal or abnormal there is only energy that operates according to it’s own protocol. Learn the protocol and how to work with it and it doesn’t matter about distinctions as symptom and cause are no longer there.Again I’m not against the modern medical mindset I’m for patients getting the results they want.

The Alter of Science

I hear statements from doctors like…

Doctors should first , “Do No Harm.” Concealing information, that patients ‘need to know’ for participation in informed consent, is very harmful. As a physician, we should already know “how to help” . Physicians “help” by including the patient in treatment decisions with thorough counseling of the treatment options, including risks and benefits of each option.


 I do think science has its place but this new evidenced-based/science-based movement is at times very misleading. 

Who’s Misleading Who?

I agree anything that doesn’t get the individual to align with himself (go inside and learn to actually know what one’s body is saying and then being able to correct it) can be misleading.

At the top of the list for misleading, (based on the above definition) is allopathic medicine. Personally I’ve never know anyone who had the outcome of getting to know themselves to suffer in pain or agony for very long at all.

Allopathic medicine is not about care or comfort for the individual, it is about stopping something chemically. It has gotten so bad that allopathic medicine had to develop a whole new branch Palliative and Hospice Care where the outcome was not stopping a disease and is flipped to patient quality of care and comfort. One of the big surprises they have found is the percentages of recovery of death bed patients when they went into hospice care. (And they still don’t get the message.)

While on the other hand allopathic medicine not only is extremely misleading it also is the 1st or 3rd leading cause of death (depending on which studies one chooses to use).

Curiosity make me wonder about this term misleading….

Now I’m supposed to trust…

  1. The system (allopathic) that is the 1st or 3rd leading cause of death. or…
  2. Holistic system where the % of deaths are so low they don’t even rank in the causes of death or…
  3. Quantum-Vibrational (Energy) Medicine in the same boat as the holistic system

Who’s misleading who?

The funny thing is both the holistic and the Quantum-Vibrational systems do not discount or disregard the allopathic system. They, like Dr. Sheldrake, embrace and expand beyond so as to be more effective and get a higher percentage of results.

Yes science has it’s place but science is not ‘the place’ as it would have you believe. 

Science is like a fundamentalist religion. It won’t tell you to your face you are going to hell if you don’t do it our way. But it is thinking it and attempting to pass laws to make you accept it’s religion even if you have found a better way that works.

That;s why I appreciate people from the allopathic medical system like Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Dr. Bruce Lipton for the research that they do and putting it out there for those who worship at the alter of science.

Here’s a new thought go Quantum-Vibrational medicine first it’s fast, quick, safe and very inexpensive compared to allopathic medicine. Then if it doesn’t work go the more expensive, time consuming, and invasive allopathic medicine route.



Who’s Misleading Who? The Alter of Science — 2 Comments

  1. While there are times when the underlying cause of pain may be irrelevant, if the underlying cause of pain is a life threatening MRSA infection, unstable spinal fracture, or an intracerebral hemorrhage, etc., it is malpractice to address the pain without appropriately working up the underlying cause. As a Board Member of the California Homeopathic Medical Society, it would be reckless for me to suggest that pain does not require appropriate medical work up to rule out serious underlying conditions. Homeopaths, allopaths, osteopaths, naturopaths, and other heath care disciplines need to put the patient’s safety and well being first. Instead of trying to upstage each other, we need to work together in the best interest of our patients.

    • Dr. Radentz,
      I totally understand your position and it is welcome. We happen to differ on where the actual underlying cause of pain and pretty much every disease is located. I would not expect someone who has been brought up to believe that the underlying cause is chemical or biological to willie-nellie set aside what they have been taught. Therefore I understand the caution around underlying cause.

      For those who understand energy and how it works underlying causes etc can be correct, re-aligned immediately and that can be and often is verified by quote appropriate medical testing. There is no recklessness involved. The chemical and biological aspects are no long out of balance and there is no longer a threat.

      I am not proposing getting rid of and not using allopathic medicine I am suggesting flipping the paradigm and using it as the alternative in every case (trauma) that does not require physical immediate attention such as a broken bone or an automobile or traumatic work accident. Even with those I’ve mentioned energy, (quantum) work will improve the effectiveness of any allopathic intervention.

      The main point of the article is how much of a shift would happen if allopathic was complementary verse primary. Time, energy, effort, resources and money would be saved on a massive scale, not to mention the amount of pain elimination and reduction that would take place.

      To Your Best,
      Dr. Vetter – DocResults.com

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