Sin Is Not A Behavioral Problem, It Is An Identity Issue


Sin Is Not A Behavioral Problem, It Is An Identity IssueOK, we may be breaking ground that you are unfamiliar with when we say sin is not a behavioral problem, it is an identity issue and when we get through I bet you feel better.

Before we get into the meat of this concept I want to remind you that your perception of God (infinite intelligence) is precisely how you experience life.

If you perceive God as a vengeful, jealous, vindictive, obey me or else kind of God, life will seem full of those kinds of experiences in both your personal and professional life.

Or as Arnold Patent wrote,

“When we perceive God as an unconditionally loving and supportive energy at all times and under all circumstances, we experience our world and everyone in it as totally safe, loving and generous.”

What kind of world are you experiencing? That let’s you know your view of divinity or whatever name you have for the more than.

Also remember it isn’t good or bad, right or wrong it simply is what is and if you want to change your experience change your perception of ‘All There Is’.

Sin Is Not A Behavioral Problem, It Is An Identity Issue

First let’s come to an understanding of what sin is. Sin is not a right or wrong, good or bad judgment as you may have been taught from a religious perspective. There is no finality about sin.

Sin is a word of calibration, not judgment.

It is actually an archery term meaning ‘to miss the mark”. In archery when an archer would draw his bow and shoot an arrow at a target, when the arrow missed the mark the person who was determining whether or not the archer hit the target would holler back sin when the arrow was off target.

Sin was the indication that the archer was to readjust, re-aim and shoot again. It was like a foul ball in baseball or a incomplete pass in football. It wasn’t the end of the game and it didn’t mean anything more than readjust and go again.

So no matter how bad someone told you sin was, it is never about good or bad, it’s about readjusting.

An airplane sins 98% of the time as that is what an auto-pilot system does it sends out a signal to the destination, it receives feedback and it makes adjustments and sends out another signal to the destination and continues to make adjustments with the feedback information it receives from the destination.

If an airplane decided that any one of the sins it made by being off course was bad or wrong it would not be very a dependable mode of transportation.

Can you hear it now.

“I’m such a terrible airplane. I never get it right. I’m always off course. I’m just no good. Maybe I’m not supposed to go there. I mean if I was supposed to go there it would be easier, wouldn’t it. I’m such a bad airplane. I can’t believe anyone would fly in me. I don’t know why I even thought I could be a good plane.”

Does any of that sound familiar?


And it is the reason Jesus (aka The Christ) was without sin. It had nothing to do with any behavior that he did or any action that he did or did not take and it had everything to do with the identity he held.

The Identity Issue

I like to explain it this way…

The you that you think you are; the you, you see in the mirror; the you, you feel when you feel your body is only 10% of who you really are. The other 90% that you don’t pay very much attention to is non-physical. What you are missing is that 90% is as much you as the 10% that you are so focused on.

That 90% is waiting for the 10% of you to get out of the way and relax and that 90% 0f you wants to do all the work and carry you and give you the credit to all the other 10%er’s you see every day.

If a child of a tree grows up to be a tree and the child of a horse grows up to be a horse and the child of a human grows up to be a human, what does a child of God grow up to be and why don’t we see more of that?

Jesus tried to tell you and he tried to get it passed your understanding head knowledge and into your physical experience.

To put it in today’s vernacular (i.e. plain English) he said “I’m (Jesus the Christ) not the exception, I’m the example.” The Father (i.e. God, Divine Intelligence) is inside of me and I’m in Divine Intelligence AND WE ARE IN YOU AND YOU ARE IN US. And the stuff that I do, you’ll do it and greater things because it’s all me (Divine Intelligence) in you.

Jesus did not miss the mark that he was God-Man and Man-God that is why he was without sin. Jesus knew in his ‘knower’ he was both physical and divine. Most people I know who say they are believers only know this in their head knowledge but not in their ‘knower’.

In actuality most still identify as a ‘sinner saved by grace’, they give voice to the label a child of God but they still identify themselves as sinners based on what… their behavior.

How can I make such statements? Well have you ever heard WWJD? According to sacred text and the claim of being a child of God that is a false, untrue and inaccurate statement. It is not ‘what would Jesus do’ when it moves past head knowledge and becomes actual experience it is WIJD ‘what is Jesus doing’ right this very instant, right now.

And until one realizes that the only missing of the mark is the missing of the experiential experience of being Divinity expressed, the power and presence of Infinite Intelligence in a body, they will continue believe that sin is about something they do.

Once the concept of Christ in you and God/Divinity/ ALL THERE IS in you becomes your experience and not words that come up in conversations sin will no longer be a problem for you as from that moment on you’ll have the identity that is without sin.

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Sin Is Not A Behavioral Problem, It Is An Identity Issue — 6 Comments

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  4. I’ve just recently begun to believe that this Jesus character was more than a fictional figure created to help control those easily controlled. Your article is quite enlightening in that it re-establishes recent ones I’ve read that ‘first of all’ state that ‘Christ’ isn’t his last name, but a point in advanced enlightenment that he enjoyed, and second, that he wasn’t ‘exclusively’ the son of ‘God – ‘or whatever the somewhat enlightened call the power greater than themselves’, but simply one of those who’ve achieved ‘enlightenment’.
    Thank you . . . I feel a little smarter now :o)

    • John,
      Grateful the article helped you feel smarter:). Practically and from the Aramaic, he is not the only begotten son of God, he is the first born son of God. The question is how does one move from the thinking about to actually experiencing this awakened beingness. That is what we go for in our Lucid Living(TM) Training Course.
      To Your Best,
      Dr. Vetter –

  5. “It is actually an archery term meaning ‘to miss the mark””

    This is such a misleading example. When using this term in this manner, it is still left up to the performance of the archer. Methinx the problem is our English language. It should be turned around to say that “the mark is missing”, its not there and hasnt been since Gen 3. all the prowess in the world will never have you hit “nothing” accurately. Agreed this is an identity problem, we must have the identity of Jesus given to us to fill in that “missing mark”. It is ONLY by coming on trembling knees at the foot of Sinai before a man will ever have any inkling of the grace offered at Calvary

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