The Root Cause of Personal Problems, Emotions, Can Be Controlled


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Would You Like The Chance To Get What You Want?

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Do you have an ideal weight you would like to obtain and maintain?
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Does The Law of Attraction Work?


Why People Think

The Law of Attraction

Does Not Work

Here is an answer I gave someone who is extremely well know in the self-help, change your belief field asked what I thought was a very odd question.
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Another One That Made My Day…


Below is a note I just received that made my day and with permission I reprint it here. The note is about…


I am sick with the flu, but felt compelled to reach out and say thanks. I downloaded and starting reading your “Change Your Thinking” ebook, started reading it, loved it, but got caught up in other busy-ness.

This cold, snowy weekend, stuck inside feeling like crap with the flu, I have started reading it again. Damn, it’s good. I’m not even nearly finished but as I said, just had to tell you how powerful it is.

I feel like this is going to be a big year for me, when I finally do become willing and able to let go of some crap and figure out who I really am. I’m heading to Ken’s Phoenix workshop next month, and think that will be one piece of my journey.

Okay, back to reading now to see what else you and Grandpa Vetter have to share…


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To Your Best,
Doc Houston


Now That’s What I’m Talking About…


Hello All,

Just found this on a forum and it made me feel proud…

Has anyone purchased doc houston’s This One Secret?
How did you enjoy it? frequencyzero

Hi, frequencyzero. Yes, I purchased This One Secret. I enjoyed it and practice it whenever I remember. I think it’s brilliant, actually. Rosechalice

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Some Call This Productive… All I Know Is It Felt GOOD!!!!!

Just uploaded to Kindle will let you know when it is available.
“Is Critical Thinking and Moral Values A Bunch of CRAP?”

Just submitted to EZine Article Directory and a bunch other will let you know when it is available.

The last two days I’ve written 2 books and put 3 books on Kindle and written 3 different articles and submitted them. I guess the cold spell was hot for me.

To Your Best,


I’ve Been Writing ALL Day… And I Have A Request…


Hello Everyone,

I’ve been writing all day, well sort of…

I published some books on Kindle and wrote some articles. And at the end of this post I have a request of you.

On Kindle I published…

“Train Your Thinking, The Power Portal for Long-Lasting Success” and

“What Affirmations Hope To Grow Up To Be, Aligning Your Vibrational Innergetics”

This One is available now for .99 cents…

And the articles I sent out were…
“Inspiration and Motivation, The Difference Between Power and Force”

“How Self Awareness Increases Confidence”

Also today I answered these email questions…

I had you are organizing a day seminar on organ regeneration in Houston in March. Could you provide more details on this? I am interested in addressing a eye issue and a skin problem.

My response…
Thanks for the email. Have you watched the video’s on and read about the workshop there? It is a 2-day seminar and the beginning of the seminar we teach you how to remove all the blocks to getting this type of work to work for you.
As far as your eye and skin challenges this material is designed to directly address those types of issues. Hope to see you in Houston.
AND This One…

How different is this from Matrix?  I have experienced a tremendous shift after attending matrix.  I had a great experience at the seminar and experienced the following, days and weeks after the seminar: 


a. I feel constant burst of energy around my head and headache and pressure type of feeling in skull. I feel constant tingling.  My saliva is becoming sweet and I feel tingling on my tongue. It remains constant on many days.
b. If I ready anything spiritual the feeling intensifies immediately. If come in contact with anyone who is spiritual, the energy intensifies
c. I get strong feelings of not being the body, and just energy. I sometimes just lose control of my body and feel lighter and  even start laughing as look at myself and realize that I am nothing but the infinite and all my problems are illusions. I am getting this feeling more and more.
Within minutes, I am able to get into meditative state and everything starts tingling. There are some moments where I seem to get my health conditions to feel much better, but I want the changes to be permanent. I kind of get myself in the way, can see the goal.
I am trying to see if I could attend the seminar, the only thing right is that it seems to fall in the spring break (with my kids holidays, need to work that out).


(Name Withheld)
My response…

(Name Withheld)

Pretty much different from Matrix, even though when I teach it, it combines the essence of Matrix (quantumness, Oneness, Non-Duality). The Russian New Knowledge material has protocols where Matrix does not. It can be used from Head Space where Matrix works better from Heart Space.
To Your Best,
Doc Houston
P.S. Your experience sounds very fruitful for you, keep it up and may I offer one small thought to use in your experience? When you realize you are nothing but the infinite, see what it feels like becoming aware that you are nothing but the infinite being the finite and see how that awareness shifts it all. Feel being both the infinite and the finite and nothing but the infinite and nothing but the finite all at the same time.
I appreciate everyone leaving comments on the blog and I have a special request if you would be so kind  and leave comments about what you would like discussed on the DocResults Blog. I would greatly appreciate your participation in this wondrous adventure.
To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter



New instructions for the up coming seminar… Organ Re-generation Workshop


Hello all… it’s been coming up in my spirit (or if you prefer my guides have been telling me) since the seminar I was at was a translated seminar on the spot which would give us more time, that we were to start the Houston seminar by clearing all the blocks, hindrances, and obstacles to doing this work and then install a level of confidence and flexibility where no one would have to follow a set of rules and instead flow and create every healing, transforming, harmonizing situation and client as the extension of the creator resting on your archiving (storage place) point.

To find out more click here…


Increase Confidence using Self Awareness


Many people feel that if they increased their confidence life would be better for them. What most people are not aware of is that self awareness and confidence go hand in hand. Self awareness is usually considered a spiritual pursuit, where confidence is thought of as a necessary requirement for every day living.

The development of adding meaning to events is where (energy in motion) e-motions are developed and we move from basically stimulus -response animals to cause and effect higher level mammals, i.e. human beings. Or as my Grampa Vetter would ask, “If we evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?” It is the ability to give meaning to something as separate from ourselves and judging it as more powerful that creates the problem of needing more confidence.

Simple self awareness exercises can easily increase self confidence and make all the difference in how well one gets to enjoy life. More awareness of who you really are as opposed to who you think you are can make all the difference between low self esteem and high esteem. It is the ultimate self help that changes feeling insecure into inner peace. Everyone I know believes they could use some more inner peace.

One of the ways to develop these skills so that you get more out of life and enjoy it the way you want, I call training your thinking which can be a very useful way of increasing in all the areas discussed above as well as emotional intelligence as many perceive that is foundational to all the rest.  Learn to get control over how you think is foundational in pretty much every area of your life.

How we think affects our health as well as the amount of money we have in our bank account. The natural courses of our relationships are also determined by how we use our thinking. One of the number one ways to improve awareness and/or self-confidence is to use our thinking instead of having it use us. Thinking determines how we feel and feeling determines how and what we perceive ourselves.  Thinking and feeling are a cycle that one really wants to get control over if they want to be successful.

To learn more about ways to increase confidence using self awareness and how to train your thinking to increase your emotional intelligence from Dr. Houston Vetter, about whom one International Trainer said, “Doc Houston has more letters behind his name than alphabet soup and if he can’t help you get the results you want, you might be six foot under.”



Romeo and Juliet or Bill and Hillary, Which Relationship Do You Want?



I thought it might be useful to share some questions I’ve received and answers that I have given.

Q: We don’t decide before hand how we are going to feel when we meet someone new do we? Don’t we check with our Emotional Guidance System and recognize how we feel about them? We can be highly drawn to one person but not another but we didn’t decide it before hand did we?

A: We do decide before hand by making preferences. Our Emotional Guidance System is created by our giving meaning. The 1st Forgotten Fundamental of An Exquisite Life is, “The Individual is The Meaning Maker”. Usually once one makes a preference consciously it goes unconscious and becomes part of the patterns we run. Our patterns determine where we are (how we feel) on the scale of emotions in regards to a certain event, situation or person, place or thing.

(Special note:) We are not used to what I am about to suggest and yet it really is appropriate to do. Anytime that you feel bad if you will begin to celebrate it will help relieve some of the negative charge. Why celebrate? BECAUSE your emotions are working perfectly. They let us know we are thinking thoughts that are not in agreement with our strongest intention (desire).

As an example having the thought that it would be nice that nothing is more important than that I feel good is a great, fun thought and until it becomes your pattern of thinking (your dominant thought) it does not control how you feel. Once it does it will control how you feel.

Q: I can kind of understand the concept of ‘not giving a rip’ about what others think/feel until I think of our loved ones, especially our partner. Why don’t we care if they feels love towards us? Surely we want our partner to feel love for us..

A: Simply because you cannot think or feel for them and they can’t think or feel for you. So if you have zero ability to think or feel for another what they think or feel is totally out of your control and wanting something that is out of your control is less than useful like being in the driver’s seat of a car, traveling 60 miles and hour with no steering wheel.

As a master teacher once said…

The Thoughts I Think Determine the Relationship I Attract… You are the thinking, Vibrating attractor of your experience; and the thoughts you think determine everything about the life that you live. As you turn your attention toward the positive aspects of the personalities and behaviors of others with whom you share your planet, you will train your point of attraction in the direction of only what you desire. Not only does the power of your thought determine which people make their way into your life, but the power of your thought determines how they behave once they get there.

That is why I wrote Train Your Thinking and it is the foundation behind This One Secret. If you want any one on one work in this area feel free to Contact Me.