The Joke Most Do Not Get Is Drama, Like Being Offended, Is An Inside Job. Blaming Others For The Drama You Experience in Your Life Works About As Good As Looking To The East For The Sunset. Outside Is The Wrong Direction To Be Looking In.

Years ago, when I didn’t understand what I understand now I wanted to get rid of the drama in my life. The problem was I thought the drama was created by certain people in my life so I started cutting off those people that I thought created so much drama in my life.

The funny thing is I didn’t realize the people that I thought were creating drama in my life were people that I had grown fond of and they were important to me and the only way I could justify getting rid of them was blaming them for hurting me, taking advantage of me or in some way I had to be mad at them. In other words, I had to become a victim in my own mind. I never questioned why the only people that created drama in my life were people I desired approval from. For some reason strangers never created drama in my life.

Back at that time, over 11 years ago, the docu-movie, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrme about The Law of Attraction as put forth by Abraham (a channeled entity) was just about to be released. I remember lots of folks in the new age and metaphysical community being so excited about the movie, The Secret.


By the time the movie came out I realized something that most who watched the movie seemed to miss. Instead of talking about what other people thought, said or did to me, the Secret was talking about what I thought other people thought, said or did to me. In everyday language the Law of Attraction is about how I interpret what happens to me and how I perceive what others think, say or do in relation to me. I even wrote a free report, Does The Secret Work about it when people started getting frustrated that they weren’t getting the results they thought they should from The Secret, Law of Attraction.

You want to know when drama got less and less in my life. When I began to not take what others said or did personally or about me. When I stopped believing others were attempting to put me down or hurt me. When I began to realize that what others were saying was all about what was going on inside of them and not really about me at all. This was no problem with strangers, but it meant I had to rethink what I was telling myself about those who were in my life that I cared about and what they thought of me.

As has been said in other places how we make meaning is we have pictures in our head that we make statements about, both good and bad and the result of those statements about the pictures determine the emotions that show up in our body. And because what we say about our pictures happen so fast outside of our conscious awareness we thing the emotions we feel about someone or something are true and accurate.

Since it happens outside of our conscious awareness we think the drama or negative emotions were created by someone else. We think someone else is causing the drama in our lives. When more accurately we, not them, are creating the drama by what we are saying about our pictures and projecting it on to them.

Changing our vibrational essence, which is the bottom line of the law of attraction is about developing new patterns of self-talk about the pictures we make in our head. If we want less drama in our lives it is not about getting rid of other people from our lives, it is about learning to talk to ourselves about others in a more useful way.

Over the years we have developed different ways to help you shift your vibrational essence, and change your self-talk and have #NoMoreDrama from self-inquiring questions to contemplation-mediation mp3s, to whole courses to shift your belief to courses to shift your identity. If you are interested in any of those contact us and let’s see what we can do to help.



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