My Bad Grammar And The Law of Attraction


 It always continues to amaze me at what people put in their way that keeps them from having the life that they want. Our BS-Belief System makes us feel superior while others continue struggling, trying and attempting to be successful. It happened with my bad grammar and the law of attraction.

Someone on a Law of Attraction blog wrote…

I’d be more likely to listen to your views if you could spell properly.

As my publisher once told me, “Financial success and making changes in peoples lives does not require correct grammar, You can hire that done by $5/hour people or editors or school teachers who fix grammar.”

And if you are really in pain, spelling and grammar mean less than the intent of the message and the passion that comes through.

Example, last week on a radio show a caller (bank president) had been paralyzed for over six months due to the end of a relationship. ( Unable to work, sleep, etc.) Within 3 minutes on the radio show the lady went from paralyzed to free. Spelling, grammar and my southern accent and speech had very little meaning to this bank president. All she wanted was results.

Then this response…

So, what are your special techniques, besides offensive bait?

Again if you want to find the special techniques you can listen to the latest recording at and the special techniques gets 85 to 95% results with people day in and day out (we also teach you how to do it for yourself) and a new national syndicated radio show that reminds people that positive thinking and law of attraction is ONLY and always about your interpretation not about what you think someone else is doing, saying or being.

If you think someone is being offensive or bating or negative or not clear or not powerfully positive… That is something you MUST address within yourself. It really has nothing to do with the other person. Never does and never will, it is all about your interpretation, the meaning you put on things and how you are the ONLY one who can change the meaning.

Positive thinking and law of attraction is NEVER about them, it is never about another person. It is ONLY and ALWAYS about what you are thinking. If you are thinking something is offensive or negative then it is your responsibility to CHANGE YOUR THINKING. It is never about what someone else should or must do,.It is never up to the other person to say or do anything so that you feel better or comfortable. It is always about the meaning you assign. No one can add the meaning except you.

Only you have 100% responsibility for how you feel. No one makes you feel any way as no one can think and feel for you. And how one feels is 100% the results of what they are thinking. Positive thinking is all about how you add meaning to events that have no inherent meaning.

Nothing is positive or negative UNTIL the individual (you) ADDS the meaning. The 1st Forgotten Fundamental of An Exquisite Life is and always will be “The Individual IS the Meaning Maker.” In other words YOU are the only one who determines if something is positive or negative and YOU are the one it affects and effects, not the other person. Unfortunately we usually blame the other person for how we feel or for not being positive enough when we are the ones making the negative meaning all along.

Positive Thinking and Law of Attraction are ALWAYS and ONLY about the meaning you the individual add. It is never about what another person is or does or says.

What another does or says is neither positive or negative it is just what is and the determining of whether it is positive or negative for the individual is ALWAYS up to the individual as no one can think or feel for you. And your thinking and feeling is the only determining factor in whether something is positive for you or negative.

If you feel negative that is simply the Law of Attraction telling you, you are thinking thoughts that are not in your best interest (thoughts that are not positive) that bad feeling is telling you are thinking negative thoughts and that isn’t good or bad or right or wrong or even true or false… it is only an indication, a signal that it is time to change your thinking. When you change your thinking to something that feels better, you feel better. (We teach people how to do that.)

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –


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