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Knowledge vs WisdomKnowledge vs Wisdom is often missed in the effort to understand something. I like things to work smoothly so I often don’t put words of understanding on things until after having the experience.

A lot of people want to understand all the nuances of something before they attempt the experience. There may be some value in that if you are learning to ski. It is less than useful when attempting to learn something mentally.

As with learning to ski, mental practice of skiing is the 1st drill to do before attempting to have a boat go full throttle. (Where you thinking snow skiing? Well then don’t practice water skiing in your mind and then try to snow ski. It will be a different experience.)

On a discussion board where the Characteristics of head space and HeartSpace™ was being developed someone wrote:

I think heartspace corresponds to the subconscious mind that is responsible for right brain activities and emotional in nature. It is our intuition capacity. 

My response was:

As as master hypnotist for over 25 years who has had lots of experience with right/left brain, conscious/subconscious/unconscious… I must state the following…

HeartSpace™ corresponds to balanced whole brain thinking. Both left and right brain integrated and balanced. It is not logical in nature, nor is it emotional in nature. It is neutral in nature. Neutral = the blended balance of logic and emotions without charge. Neutral includes the ability to experience every emotion from the worst to the best and not be hooked-charged or persuaded by any one of them.

Intuition is not a right brain or subconscious trait. It is a whole brain trait, a spiritual trait, a zero point field trait. Intuition is like intent, they are both from your high self, spiritual self, infinite self, not the lower conscious or subconscious, right or left brain level.

Then someone wrote:

Then there is a confusion of terminology here: from your description, it follows that Heartspace CONTAINS Headspace, and Headspace is not something distinct from Heartspace; they are one. Then we can’t speak of Heartspace and Headspace separately and we need an umbrella term that covers both, which we already have: whole brain.

My response was:

Confusion of terminology is often present when trying to describe and become acquainted with different dimension such as 4th or 5th dimension with only 3 dimensional words available.

Using your logic fresh water is included in sea water and fresh water is not something distinct from sea water. Thus we can’t speak of fresh water and sea water separately and we need an umbrella term that covers both, which we already have; water. 

Apparently, we don’t really need an umbrella term… what is needed is the experience of fresh water and sea water even though fresh water is in sea water the experience is distinctly different.

The need for different words is a head space issue. Once one has familiarity with HeartSpace™ the distinction is a experiential knowing (wisdom) vs head space information (knowledge).

Confusion comes from being in head space. That’s not a bad thing it just let’s one know where they are. In HeartSpace™ there is no confusion.

Notice that I use different spelling to separate out the terms that represent different experiences and when paying attention to the small nuances confusion disappears. HeartSpace not heart space and head space not Headspace.

Whole brain is not an umbrella term as the sum of the parts do not make the whole. Left brain is one experience, right brain is a different experience and whole brain is a different experience. The same for head space ( logic OR emotions) and HeartSpace (blended logic AND emotions).

There was also this confusion as well…

I’ve been reading books to improve my intuitive skills. From what I’ve understood, the more you use your subconscious mind (90% of your mind) the more intuitive you are. As our subconscious mind stores everything and knows everything, we come to know more when we learn to use that side of our brain. Intuition involves a FEELING state (left brain/critical mind eliminated), so it cannot be a whole brain activity.

Often when trying to understand something new we revert to things we already know to find the similarities and my response was:

Subconscious mind is made up just like HeartSpace and head space are made up. My question to you is not what you’ve understood (read), what have you intuited.

Intuition does involve a sense feeling more than a emotive feeling state and the left/critical mind is not eliminated it just isn’t taking credit like it does with thinking. Just as emotions take credit when emoting. Intuition is blended left and right and because of that it travels faster than thinking. Thinking travels at the speed of sound. Thoughts are internal sound communication. Intuition is blended so it travels at the speed of light or the speed of quantum (it just pops up). Thinking is analog. Intuition is digital.

If the only model you have is conscious/subconscious of course you will think intuition is in one or the other. When in actuality in the conscious/subconscious model intuition comes from the superconscious (blended conscious and sub/unconscious). I suspect the books you’re reading may not even mention the superconsious.

I also understand trying to fit a new model inside an old model. Matrix into Hypnosis, HeartSpace into con/subconscious, etc. It may be useful to go the other way see hypnosis in the bigger context of Matrix and see con/subconscious in the bigger context of HeartSpace™.

New models include old models and go further. Old models can only explain new models to the limits of the old model. New models go past the limits of old models.

May I suggest to improve your intuitive skills set aside reading books as that only gives you head knowledge about something and no actual or practical experience. And either get Matrix training as psychic skills (intuition) is a side effect of getting out of one’s left brain. Or go take a Silva Ultra Mind ESP class. In both cases you should get practical experience of intuition instead of getting a head knowledge (book learning) about something you want to improve. 

Understanding something does not mean you can do it. To get the skills you must do the drills and the drills are not reading and getting a head understanding. The mantra is… do the drill to get the skills then you can use the tools to get the jewels.

I hope this give you a little understanding of the difference between knowledge (what we know in our head) and wisdom (the application of knowledge). Which would you rather use while navigating life?



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    • Steve,

      It explains partly how the subconscious mind is behind many of our actions and yet also points to the fact that the superconscious is a better place to operate from and it will by-pass or blend both the conscious and subconscious. It’s sort of like bringing the subconscious conscious.

      To Your Best,
      Dr. Vetter

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