How We Create Blame, Victimhood and Love


Hopefully, if you read this and think you are being blamed for something this will help each of us understand exactly how we do that. This article is not written as a judgment of anyone or anything. It is ONLY an explanation of how we do what we do inside our mind which creates what we believe really took place.

The hope is the understanding of how we create negatively and positively will encourage us to more easily move from what we don’t like to more of what we do. And it is simpler and easier than many may think because no one has ever explained how we do things to ourselves before anyone else gets to. The hope is we move from living from the blaming, shaming, judging model to a place where we can utilize everything instead of being used by what we create.

How We Create Blame, Victimhood and Love

The way we explain things has two levels;

There is the foundation of what is actually happening. Then the explanation of what is happening.

1.       The process/structure level attempts to describe and explain the “HOW” something happens, which is closer to what actually takes place. There are no emotions on this level simply a description of what takes place. It can deal with things like temperature, texture, duration, frequency, and process.

2.       The next level of explanation is the level that attempts to explain “WHY”. This level is filled with emotional meaning and labels.

How we Create, is about the process/structure (HOW) level, not the (WHY) level.

ALSO, this is not the ONLY process/structural level explanation. It is not right or wrong it is only a working model being used based on the Mind Sciences from General Semantics to hypnosis to NLP, DHE, Cognitive Therapy, the Neurosciences to Energy Psychology and Energy medicine. The effectiveness of this is in the application not the discussion about it, which is fine and yet the results are in the doing of the drills to get the skills.

To start let’s begin with the understanding that each individual, you, me and everyone else are energy generating machines. We are not negative or positive energy generating machines. You could say we are positive AND negative energy making machines. Because we automatically add the label of positive or negative based on how the energy feels when we generate it.

It is a pattern thing. We live by patterns not in enlightenment, even though we are designed to live either way. (Which is another article altogether.)

We are ALL Artist…

We think the feeling generates the meaning of positive or negative when in actuality the meaning, i.e. label we ADD to the feeling determines the positive or negative meaning. The thing is we do this automatically because we are such great learners, every one of us is. The first time or two we experienced generating an energy we made a meaning and every time we feel that feeling we automatically attach that original meaning regardless of whether it is accurate or true or not. It is valuable to remember EVERY meaning is made up.

None of this is a good/bad, right/wrong thing. It is simply an explanation of ‘how’ we create not ‘why’ we create. Confusing the two can easily lead to adding the label or accusation of blame, to what is being offered.

Here is the process by which we create and generate energy and label it love or blame or shame or any other label with emotional meaning.

First, we either see something external to us and then we recreate that situation as a picture/movie inside or head. Or we think a thought, which is a created-recreated picture/movie inside our head.

Second, the way we determine whether or not that picture/movie is positive or negative, good or bad, or right or wrong is by the internal words we assign to the picture/movie inside our head.

Third, this interaction between the picture/movie in our heads and the words we say about it in our head determines the meaning we are making. And we discover the meaning we are making by the intensity of the feeling (either positive or negative) created by what we are saying to ourselves about the picture/movie going on inside our head.

Fourth, we project all that is happening inside our heads outside of ourselves as if it is something other than ourselves and without taking responsibility for what we just did to ourselves so very, very quickly.

This is how we create everything in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

This energy generation that we do draws more energy from ourselves and from others like a magnet. One master teacher believes that doing the process for only 17 seconds is long enough to start attracting more of the same type of energy (thoughts and feelings) and 120 seconds of doing the process creates a thought form that becomes the bases of a belief (which in energy terms is a magnetic energy polarity that energy moves from and to. As one Master Teacher said:

“You are always living a reflection of whatever you are outputting. And so, if you get into a little pocket where a lot of people are being rude, it’s probably because you are being rude—or because you have been aware of people being rude. Nothing ever happens to you that is not part of your vibration!”

(BTW this is about “HOW we create, not “WHY” we created what we created.)

Now we can take any emotion, i.e. energy in motion and we can understand exactly how it was created,

…and where it was generated. Any emotion from love, joy, happiness to emotional hurt, pain, and sorrow and we now have a way of understanding how they are created and generated.

Victimhood, which is based on blaming the past and slows down the process of healing and recovery is created and generated the exact same way. By what we say internally about the picture/movies we play in our heads. And of course, we continue the pattern of pushing it outside ourselves and on to others without acknowledging we just used the Art of Projection unless we make a conscious choice to do something else.

I suspect the reason we are so great at the Art of Projection, is because of how fast it all happens inside our head.

As another master teacher (Jerry Stocking) once explained. The thousands and thousands of pictures moving across each of our mental screens are moving at the speed of light and the comments we are making about the pictures (self-talk) is happening at the speed of sound. Both of those are faster than human consciousness operates at. Those two building blocks generate one’s emotive feelings that happen at the speed of NOW, which is faster than the speed of light or sound and they are pretty fast. Look them up.

That is why we are aware of how we feel and unaware of how we got those feelings. As Jerry Stocking once said about how the mind works:

“We humans believe we get almost everything all the time,

while actually missing almost everything all the time.”

Because this process and pattern happen so fast we are not aware that we are doing it so it makes sense we project it out on to others as if they are responsible for what just went on inside our heads. The beauty and speed with which our minds work is the creator of all our happiness and bliss. It is also the creator of all our pain, suffering, blame because of how energy and magnetism works.

Please remember, this is not about ‘why’ where blame, shame, and other negative emotions are created. This is about ‘HOW’ we actually create both the positive and negative feelings in our lives.

The way the process of creation is set up we blame, shame and abuse ourselves, sometimes even physically long before another outside of us does it. We are not consciously aware of this or we would not do it to ourselves. Much less let or put ourselves in a situation where one is continually abused by another.

This in no way excuses the actions and behaviors of those who would abuse. It actually explains the process of how it moves from not happening to happening, without adding any emotive meanings to the process for any side.

We could go on and on looking at the different aspects of the process and yet this can be a good start.

Learning the actual process of creating can be an exciting and rewarding adventure if one chooses to make it so. It gives a whole new meaning to words like responsibility, blame, accountability, fault and hopefully moves one from the level that assigns blame and allows one to begin the process of using everything by leveraging what happens to help each of us to let go of the past and have the life we want.



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