How Do I Raise My Vibration?


How do I raise my vibration is a question that is on more and more people’s minds these days. Have you ever wondered why? What is the promise of raising your vibration? What do you get out of it? What’s in it for you?

The answer probably more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Tony Robbins advice is to focus on the what and why and you will figure out the how. So let’s talk about all three. The beginning of this article gave us the what and why.

What: Raise my vibration!

Why:  The possibility of getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

How do I raise my vibration?

An answer is your vibration is directly tied to what you are thinking and your vibration determines what is attracted, like a magnet, into your life. The more you think in a certain direction the stronger the vibration gets.

If you are thinking negative or less than useful thoughts your vibration is lower. That is not a good or a bad thing. It simply is what is. In other words, how life works on an energetic level and it caused by the level of vibration created by your thinking.

It is not about blame, which is an emotional ‘why’ response. It is about causation a structural ‘how’ response.

Do you want lower vibration experiences and situations in your life? Lower vibrations being negative, unwanted bad feeling emotions and results.

If not here is what I do. I take a little time at different times during each day to tell myself, “I want to raise my vibration. What questions can I ask myself where I would feel the higher vibrations right now?”

Different times I can do this:

  • Brushing teeth,
  • Showering,
  • Making breakfast,
  • Driving to work,
  • On breaks,
  • At lunch,
  • Driving between appointments,
  • During commercials, if I am watching TV,
  • When meditating,
  • When praying,
  • When going to sleep,
  • etc!

What other times can you think of that would be fun to do this?

Why questions instead of thoughts? Because questions direct thinking in a direction and thoughts talk about what is taking place in the moment.

I use questions as they seem cleaner, more honest, and they appear to give more clarity. Questions can get us curious if we let them. Wondering about a question can be an enjoyable experience as well.

Here are some of the questions I like to ask myself…

  • What does the vibration of feel better feel like?
  • What does the vibration of feel-good feel like?
  • What does the vibration of excited feel like?
  • What does the vibration of fantastic feel like?
  • What does the vibration of appreciation feel like?
  • What does the vibration of grateful feel like?
  • What does the vibration of thankfulness feel like?
  • What does the vibration of happy feel like?
  • What does the vibration of joy feel like?
  • What does the vibration of pleasure feel like?
  • etc, etc, etc

After I have spent a few minutes wondering, pondering and feeling these vibrations…

Then it is time to ask, wonder, ponder…

How long can I keep feeling these vibrations?

Hour after hour? All day long? All week long? All month long? All year long?

How quickly can this become my dominant vibration?

That is it. A little bit of this day after day, week in and week out, month after month and year after year will result in you getting way more of what you want and a lot less of what you don’t want and will probably change your emotional countenance.


About Dr. Houston Vetter - DocResults

Houston, grew up in a fundamentalist Christian Orphanage, having no parents or political group to depend on. Through self-study (getting to know self) and inward inspection he learned how to help himself and others practically have the life that you really want, no matter what it is you really want.

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