Freedom Isn’t Freedom if…


Stop believing Our EmotionsFreedom isn’t freedom if there are limits put on freedom. Can fear be a limitation put on freedom? Listening to folks who want freedom I find it humorous that the freedom they so much want for themselves they don’t practically want for others.

The example of guns is just an example and it is a useful one because many people have a strong belief one way or the other on the subject.

I am sure that, like me, you know someone who believes in the right to bear arms. (The 2nd Amendment here in the states.) But may be against open carry or concealed carry, i.e. the right to carry your gun in public.

As one child asked, “Since we have the right to bear arms, when do we get to arm bears?”

Whether you feel the feeling of freedom or fear when it comes to any issue including who can have, own and/or carry a gun is all determined by the beliefs that you have. And in this day and age it has been shown that ALL beliefs are made up.

Real freedom (from and to) comes from realizing it is called a B-elief S-ystem (BS) for a reason. All beliefs are  not real or true they are ALL made up. And part of that freedom comes when you realize ALL beliefs are, as one of my friends says, “All movable furniture.” Think about what that means for you that 

All Beliefs Are Movable Furniture!

Possible one of the best and most important things you can do for yourself is learn how to move your own furniture. Are you beginning to wonder how you make your beliefs that make up your BS-Belief System? As you have been reading this have you thought about the benefit of what it would be like to be able to shift, change or move your beliefs?

Would you like to have more control over your emotive feelings? Up until now no one told you that you could do all that by learning to train your thinking. And now you have the chance to learn how to do just that by clicking on, reading and applying the Train Your Thinking book.



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