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emotional controlI wrote an article over at Holistic Health Daily entitled Holistic Health – Emotional Control Equals Better Health and in the article I mentioned that emotional control created balance and flow.

Apparently, I wasn’t as clear as I thought I was as this is one of the responses I received…

Even though I’ve read the article, I still wonder what emotional control really means for the individual. Can you tell me more? At the bottom of the article you mention balance and flowing. We can exert a great deal of self control. Women who do their jobs as mothers and wives etc – doing for everyone else- without proper care of self are under a lot of self control and emotional control. Come the time for menopause every thing explodes because the control was not flowing or balanced. 
Balance and flow does create more health. thanks,

Hopefully, this response help clear up the confusion, what do you think?

Emotional Control

Hi ______ (name withheld to protect?),

There are three things one can do with energy in motion (e-motions)…

  1. Express
  2. Suppress
  3. Flow

Emotional control is about being able to, in an instant, take any e-motion from expression or suppression to flow. E-motion that is expressed or suppressed both have hooks or charges to them. (i.e. places where the energy in motion is resisted, constricted, reduced or blocked.)

That is not emotional control that is emotional miss-control. It is a counterfeit form often called control when it does not really direct energy in a particular direction so much as it resist and hinders (puts blocks in) the direction it is already flowing by attempting to stop the energy.

Women, as do men, often demonstrate emotional expression or suppression thinking that is emotional control. Neither emotional expression nor emotional suppression leads to better health. Expressing and suppressing are not flow, they are cycles of energy stuck in the energy-body system. That’s why we teach a 12 week course on Instant Emotional Control.

The 3rd Forgotten Fundamental of (an Exquisite) Life is “Humans are not containers (expressing and suppressing) they are conduits (flowing energy, i.e. e-motion) .

Hope that helps.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults.com

P.S. I’ll make a statement from the ‘everything is energy’ model, point of view. It may not sit well with different points of view and yet it is accurate for the ‘everything is energy’ model. ALL pain and suffering is only an indication of resistance (block, compression, disruption, mis-alignment) somewhere in the energy flow system. Find and remove, correct, re-align where the resistance/disruption is and health (balance and flow) is restored and in the majority of cases, immediately or so fast it seems immediate.

P.P.S If you are interested in the next Instant Emotional Control Course give me a shout over at DocResults.com and we’ll talk about it.



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