Emotional Control Equals Better Health


emotional controlAn article I wrote for Holistic Health Daily

Many in the alternative medicine arena are not aware of the fact that in the field of holistic health emotional control equals better health. Using the metaphor that everything is energy and emotions are labels we give to energy in motion, then it makes perfect sense that emotional control equals better health as health is determine from a quantum and energy point of view according to the balance and flow of energy.

The understanding is fairly easy feelings are the body sensation of energy moving in our bodies and emotions are the meanings we attach to the body sensations, i.e. the meaning we give to the feelings. It is the meanings we give to those body sensations that move use to action which becomes a behavior.

Even those who do not utilize the everything is energy concept have come to realize that emotional control equals better health.  Keith Wommack wrote in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

One of the important responsibilities of parenting is making sure children are physically cared for. Because of this, parents should be helping their children cultivate greater self-control. So suggests the findings from a 32-year study, which showed that children whose self-control improved were more likely to have better health.

There are many ways to improve self-control, but what the study suggests is that the effort could be rewarded with greater well-being.

Self-control allows children to cope with difficult situations. Rather than responding immediately to impulses, they are able to plan, examine alternative actions, and side step what they may later regret. This mental management has been considered an innate human ability. However, many are finding it to be much more, a spiritual faculty – a talent wisely exercisable when coupled with spiritual awareness.

Perhaps the underlying reason self-control can predict health is because evidence points to illness being more of a sensation of mind, than of body. The link between consciousness and physical health is being recognized. Studies show that if one loves more, they will be healthier; if they are forgiving, they can expect to feel physically better; if they just attend religious services, there is a proclivity to live longer. Thought moving, and most importantly, moving away from self or materiality, is causing healthful outcomes.

Stephen Covey, author and authority on leadership, once stated, “You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage — pleasantly, smilingly, non-apologetically — to say ‘no’ to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger ‘yes’ burning inside.”

To Read more: http://lubbockonline.com/interact/blog-post/keith-wommack/2012-03-12/einnie-meenie-miney-mo-i-choose-health#.T17DQjEgeSo

When you break it down self control is emotional control. As impulses are surges of energy in motion and managing and controlling impulses has to do with controlling the e-motion as it moves through the body.

Before we ADD the meaning of good/bad, spiritual/non-spiritual we can agree that it is energy and nothing but energy. When if balance and flowing we call that good or spiritual and when it is out of balanced or restricted or blocked we call that bad or non-spiritual. We might get better results if we switched from the value judgments of good/bad, right/wrong, spiritual/non-spiritual to balanced and flowing or not.

Then it would be easier to shift the unbalanced and restricted flow back to balance and flow. If you are interested in learning how emotional control equals better health contact us about our Instant Emotional Control Course. Please share this with friends and family.


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