Deepak Chopra Is Human, Really!


To hear some people talk I bet you wouldn’t know Deepak Chopra is human, really. And That doesn’t make him a bad person. 🙂 (Picture is from Wikipedia.)

Often when there is someone who brings you information that really stretches your awareness or your consciousness you may think they are some how extra special. And you will find people that really like them and those who border on hating them.

From time to time I encounter those people myself. Your going along enjoying life helping others where  you can because it is what you naturally do. You say something or you write something in a particular way and one person out of all the people you are talking too takes an exception to something and you are now the cause of it.

Now people in the mind sciences arena understand that each of us never know what is actually true, we only know the interpretation (i.e. the meaning) we are experiencing internally and then we project it out to other people or the world.

From a spiritual awareness or spiritual awakening point of view, it is when we begin the adventure of discovering that  it really isn’t about someone else, it’s about discovering who you really are.

Deepak Chopra’s son came to that realization as he was following his Dad around the world making a film called Decoding Deepak.

This is from the Chopra Center Newsletter Gotham Chopra wrote:

Last week, someone approached my dad at one of his speaking events and said to him, “I heard your son made a movie about you.”

He told me he smiled back at the person and replied: “Actually, he made a movie about himself.”

As much as I hate to admit it, he may be onto something.


Gotham tells the story of the adventure (most people would say journey and yet journey or path sounds like you could mess something up, adventure some freer to me) that brought him to the above discovery.

The part of the article that got my curiosity was something Gotham said about people who didn’t like his dad. It reminded me of how Joe Vitale deals with his detractors and was an encouragement in dealing with my own.

But traveling the world with him the last year, I started to realize that maybe my dad was indeed one of them, maybe he was some Indian Guru as strange as that may be. He just didn’t have the robe and long hair. He has sparkly glasses, red sneakers, and a crew cut. Be not alarmed, I’m not trying to tell you that I’m now a follower of my father or convinced he’s some prophet. Far from it. But you’ll have to watch the movie to glean my final verdict on that front.

But in looking more closely at my father, I was reminded of something Osho once said. Like my father and many of his Indian spiritual predecessors, Osho had his detractors, people who called him a “snake oil salesmen,” “fraud,” and “prophet for profit.” Osho shrugged it off. He claimed to think of those that loved and hated him with the same relative detachment. “They see in me,” he said, “what they want to see. They see in me that which they either love or hate in themselves.”

Click here to read the full article about Deepak Chopra being human

It doesn’t matter what you do, sooner or later we all have people that disagree with us. Some are more vocal than others and some even blatantly speak falsehoods and the less we resist their outburst and simply allow it, the quicker we perceive and receive the benefit  from it.

In the field of publicity and politics don’t they say “All press is good press”, whether they said nice things about you or bad things be glad they are spreading interest about you. When they stop talk about you, that’ when you get concerned.

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