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Dear Doc, with all the new tools available for people to have emotional freedom why do people still get upset and hold on to the upset instead of getting rid of the upset and being happy?

It depends on who you are asking about. If the people you are thinking about do not know any of the new tools available from something as simple as EFT or Basic PEAT to Matrix or Yuen or Vibrational Innergetics then they have no way of removing the emotional charge that rules their lives and they are relegated to talk therapy or some form of work that takes time. They take things personally and don’t realize it is all an emotional charge that can be released and released quickly.

On the other hand if they do know at least one of the cutting edge techniques and they still hold the old beliefs or identities they can be effective in helping others get some relief and yet they will still be held captive by those emotional charges they don’t recognize. We all operate out of that which we think is true and don’t recognize the charge (emotional) it holds.

If we are ONLY familiar with the finite aspect of ourselves we will only experience things from that one aspect. IF we are ONLY familiar with the infinite aspect of ourselves we will only experience things from that one aspect.

To understand that nothing is really true and everything is really true, both at the same time, requires a different experience than most are used to. Now, for it to be your actual experience and not a nice philosophical view isn’t that hares and it can be easily achieved. Whichever one we identify with the most is how we will experience and interpret the internal and external world.

All the great teachers of ole and ‘new,’ regardless of who you point to from Taoism to Buddhism to Christianity to Enlightenment  to New Age Gurus everyone of them point to and speak of the God-manness, Man-Godness, Divine-Physical, Physical-Divineness of everything. They all spoke of themselves as examples of how humanity is designed to be. Humanity has always seen them as exceptions of what humanity is designed to be.

To answer you more specifically why do, people still get upset and hold on to the upset… may I suggest it is because of the identity the person holds. The identity you hold determines what you think is right and/or correct. Your identity determines the beliefs you hold. The identity you hold determines if you are going to take something personal or not.

For example humans rarely hold the identity of being a human (much less a Man-God), they usually drill down more and finite it down to feminine and masculine. (And then they often go further down to race, religion, etc.)  Applying any of the new tools that give emotional freedom from emotional charge certainly changes all of how feminine and masculine, etc is experienced. However people still use the old divisions of; masculine is more logical and feminine is more emotional.

If you hold the identity of 100% male or female (a finite identity) then you are more likely to take things personal, have your feelings hurt and react from hurt feelings. If you hold the identity of 50% or 100% human AND 50% or 100% Divine (a finite and infinite identity) there is very little chance that you will take things personally or have your feelings hurt and the sense of taking something personal or a hurt feeling triggers you into removing the emotional charge because you realize your emotional reaction was due an internal reaction and not what another did or said or an external situation.

With the advent of these new technologies those distinctions (masculine/feminine) are no longer accurate. Both logical charges and emotional charges can be neutralized (or aligned) where each individual can be fully masculine and feminine at the same time. A beingness where both the logical and emotional co-exist at the same time, balanced with neither overpowering the other nor being more important than the other.   

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –
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  3. Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this weblog and I am inspired! Extremely useful information specially the final section 🙂 I handle such information a lot. I was looking for this particular info for a long time. Thanks and best of luck.

  4. How do I come to know, now, what misunderstanding i have, for holding me back, from consistent growth?!? Thanks, I’m also a Virgo. I was born on Labor Day, fifty years ago tomorrow, September 4th. Thank you mom…

    • Matt,
      You may want to consider learning how to eliminate the charge you may have around emotions both negative and positive. Without the charge that emotions bring there is pretty consistent growth until there is not.
      Tomorrow is your day.
      To Your Best,
      Dr. Vetter

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