Why Limit Yourself By Believing Your Emotions


Do you believe your thoughtsI would like to thank my friends for asking these questions and raising these concerns. This conversation came about because of a picture from my last articles entitled “Freedom Isn’t Freedom if…” The picture said…

“When we stop believing our emotive feelings are true, we can realize life (reality) actually acts like a dream and we naturally become happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser.”

What follows are the conversations in regards to the part that declares emotive feelings (emotions) are not what is really true. 

A friend: I must admit I am pro plex by this does this say that true emotion is not real, I disagree…. Emotion is the driving force in my life… It must be real….

Agreed , emotion, which is a body sensation with a meaning (made up meaning btw) added to it, drives most people and usually not in the direction they want to go.

Emotions seem real because Meaning Makers (people) made the meaning that it means ______ (whatever). When in actuality nothing has any inherent meaning to be emotional about. ALL meaning is ADDED meaning by the Meaning Maker.

Ther 1st Forgotten Fundamental of [an Exquisite] Life is the individual is the Meaning Maker. For without you to add meaning it would simply be meaningless events. And you do no have to believe anything… HOWEVER, whatever you do believe will become your PERCEIVED and FELT reality, not true actuality and yet from the individuals view it is perceived and felt as reality. 

Also, how would one distinguish between true or not true emotions as emotions are structurally ALL a body sensations with a made up meaning attached to it.

A friend: Okay but what if you make emotion epic. Meaning you make ethical things in life… Emotional like I choose to be true . Try not to lie, be concern with human dynamics for I have felt the pain. For this I stand with great emotion. For I have experienced this pain.

I’m not sure what you mean by “make emotion epic”. Also, true according to who(m)? Ethical according to who(m)? Which Meaning Maker’s meaning are we going to use for true or ethical or any other emotive word?

Emotional Pain is the result of resisting what is, which comes from making meaning that it should not be this way and should be that way (should be something else other than what it is).

If one did not hold on to the charge from the meaning that they attached to the physical sensation the energy of the sensation (labeled pain, etc) would run through one’s system fairly quickly. In, through and out in a very short time. Then joy, happiness and bliss flow as life is all about balance and flow. Not one or the other, both at the same time.

Physical Pain can have it’s energetic roots in non physical areas, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical as well. That pain can be reduced and eliminated almost instantly as well.

A friend: I do not preceiv life this way in another words experience and emotion synonymous with reason becomes ingrained with passion I cannot dissolve what I feel in life, to be clear what I feel as a human is what I am….. And what I draw with chalk on a easel.

Dear friend, you are the meaning maker for you. You make meaning out of meaningless events and then say this is the truth and this is the way things are.

And that is okay and perfect because everyone else does the same thing. That is believe our thoughts, even though thoughts are not real. We can’t even touch a thought but we still believe it is true.

Now that’s funny. Making something we can’t see or touch true.

What exactly do you mean when you use these words? emotion, reason, ingrained passion…. How specifically do you know you cannot dissolve what you feel in life? What do you mean by dissolve what you feel? How specifically do you know that what you feel is what you are?

You as the Meaning Maker in you life are welcome to not accept the definitions and explanations given by the Mind Sciences. I simply offer what has worked and provided exceptional results, according to their testimonials, for over 5,000 clients all over the world. From problems on every level, physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial, relational, illness, and disease.

Again, are you aware your perception makes you believe that your belief, your truth, the way you see things, are the only way to see things and that they are right and everyone should see things they way you do. (No problem, everyone who believes their thoughts agree to a good extent that if others believed they way they do everything would be OK.)

The only problem with that is our thinking isn’t accurate or true and our emotions come from what we think. So if our thinking can’t be accurate our feelings can’t be either. Because without thinking we don’t add meaning and without added meaning there are no emotions to drive us.

Just imagine how much freedom you or anyone could have when they are no longer driven by emotions. Oh what joy, pleasure and bliss.

Another friend: Some emotions are genetically passed down through generations and are instilled in our DNA as coping mechanisms. When attacked verbally = emotionally defensive etc. Much like “feelings” you can ignore the “sensation” of cold/heat, up until a certain point. Then those “feelings” become real enough to move/alter/avoid. Emotions IMO are the same way. You can control them to a point, until they become real enough.

Sorry Name Withheld, according to the experts at the University of Notre Dame (whoever they are) we are only born with the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Emotions can’t be a function of DNA, Feelings, which are different from Emotions and not the same, (feelings-body sensations) are a function of DNA as they are made up of pressure, intensity, duration. etc with no specific meaning and require zero belief.

Emotions are different from feelings. Emotions are body sensations, i.e. feelings with MEANING ADDED and require belief. Babies do not believe anything (have no emotions) and yet they do respond to stimuli (pressure, duration, intensity, etc) by crying, giggling, smiling and move along the continuum from what we label sad, mad, happy. They have not made the same meaning and are existing without any added meaning. They usually don’t develop what we call the critical factor (the judger) [final stage of meaning making] until about the age of 5 to 7 years old.

From all the research I’ve done (as I am considered an expert in the field by many) and all the people I have worked with) over 10,000 by now)… Emotions are what is know as a gestalt. An event happens and the individual makes up a meaning and attaches it to the body sensation-feeling that is happening at the time. After someone has added the same meaning 3 or 4 times, the meaning is set. This feeling (body sensation) means ______ (emotion). A phobia is where someone has had a one time learning experience. (One event then adding the meaning.)

It is ALL energy or movable furniture as a friend says. Just as people learned to add meaning as a child, people can learn to stop making meaning or remove the meaning they automatically make. The benefits can be extremely freeing. No more judging (making up a meaning and saying this is true for everyone). Plenty of calibration comparing what is happening without judgment to what one wants to be happening and lots of clarity about how to allow things to shift automatically.

Another friend:  I have to say that some “emotion” in my family is definitely a “trait”. From my father to my brother to myself, we all have almost the exact same “temper” and the way we carry ourselves (if you want to call it that). This wasn’t something learned as my father wasn’t around in my formative years. As I grow older, one of the only distinguishing characteristics (emotionally, not physically because I look a lot like my dad) is the tendency to snap or be too direct. (don’t take snap as jumping on someone, but rather to be too direct to a fault). My father is that times 100. Again, I grew up with my mother and rarely saw my father, so this characteristic between my brother father and myself can’t possibly be ‘learned”. It just is. Believe me, I have tried to change this characteristic to no avail. Probably too hard to explain the similarity in or on FB. BTW, I have been wrong only once this year so I doubt I am now……lol!

My brother from another mother… Traits and behaviors are not in your genes they are what you model (be like Mike) from those giants (tall people) in your life. Even if you were not around your dad I suspect your mother was and if you were with her you unconsciously picked up his, as his traits drew her to him. She unconsciously modeled for you what she was unconsciously drawn too (both positive and negative).

Trying to change characteristics and behaviors without know how they are built structurally is like trying to build a boat and not knowing about the tools and materials needed to build a boat.

I know the structure and I know the tools and I know how to teach them. That is why students and clients refer to me as DocResults. Results are what I get for people because I know how practically. It is not theory or my thoughts on the subject it is the results of practical application.

Here is the challenge humans face…. People all build behaviors, characteristics, beliefs, values and identity the very same way. Unconsciously and without conscious forethought. We do it by modeling (unconsciously) those in our lives and those that our in our sphere of influence.

There is structure/process to how one actually builds all these and yet because it is done outside conscious awareness most people don’t learn how they do it and think (blame) karma, genes, family, heritage friends, schools, governments and culture, etc.

Even thought it is all energy…. When one is not aware of how they do what they do (think-Belief) they come up with all kinda cool sounding ways (why we do what we do) that others who don’t have a clue either, thinks makes sense. And the humor is we call it the “B”-elief “S”-ystem and don’t even get the BS part of the joke let alone the understanding that “how and why” are too different things. That is why I recommend everyone learn how to  “Train Your Thinking”, either from this book or another that shows you how or  get in a good NLP, DHE training or other programs that teach how instead of why.

The first friend: One thing I’d like to add to this idea of genetics affecting character I do believe that there are some chemical dysfunctions that affect certain characteristics and behavior like depression, ADD, and how about antisocial behavior this is created by not being able to be emotional about right and wrong no conscious mind…

You are totally welcome to your beliefs and as has already been established our beliefs are not true, nor accurate they are simply what we are believing, i.e perceiving and feeling as our reality until we get enough information to believe something else.

For example you may not be aware that the so called chemical dysfunctions that affect anything, especially depression, ADD or any of the alphabet diseases, and antisocial behavior can ALL be changed by simple techniques from hypnosis to energy medicine, energy psychology and other modalities. There are many, many, many testimonials and other such evidence all over the place, not to mention those from my patients and clients.

Here is a very useful presupposition.

The human body is a chemical factory and before it is a chemical factory it is a bio-computer. When you know how to program the bio-computer you automatically change the chemistry. We have people doing it every day all over the world.



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