Beliefs: They Aren’t True But They Still Have Utility


The beautiful thing about beliefs is even though they are not true they still have utility. Because they are not true and we make them up the possibilities are limitless for humanity.

Even though BS-Belief Systems are not trueThere are 2 books and one manuscript that I recommend using if you want to have more flexibility in using your BS-Belief System. The 1st is a book I wrote and you can get a free copy of “Train Your Thinking” by clicking on the title. The 2nd is Jerry Stocking’s “Mind Relief Manuscript” which you can also get for free and the 3rd is Jerry’s Thinking Clearly book.

Recently, I made a post on the internet that a lot of people liked and some folks took exception to. The statement I offered for consideration, contemplation or introspection was…

 Are you believing your own BS (Belief System) or someone else’s? And are you remembering… none of it is true and all of it is made up?

I followed it up with another post that said…

When it comes to thoughts, ‘believe’ is the code word for “I’ll buy that”!

What seems to be the sticking point for those who took exception to the first post was in their thinking and their belief system if a belief is not true, it is false and their belief system says if something is false it is useless and yet that is not accurate or useful. It limits one instead of giving liberty and freedom that comes with our BS (Belief System) not being true and made up. Even thought BS (Belief Systems) are not true, when believed they act as if they are true.

The fact that our beliefs and belief systems are not true and are made up does not negate the power and how powerful they are. The best physical example I can offer of how powerful our untrue and made up belief systems are is this video of a sinkhole in a lake.


I wrote in reference to the video, “We all have our own vortex of energy and it is pulling whatever that gets close in. That is no big deal, the big deal is what comes out which is determined by each of our BS-Belief Systems which in turn is determined by our particular identity.”

Someone responded and asked the question, ” If our belief systems are determined by our identity, do we have choice over our belief systems?”

My response was, “Yes as you also have choice over your identity and how and what you identify yourself as. I’ll let you in on a secret, if you won’t tell anyone… There is an identity that moves us beyond (or above -your choice) race, gender, sexual preference, size and yet it includes them all.

There is
one identity that includes and balances out all other identities and creates a pretty inclusionary BS-Belief System. It includes all paradoxes, even BS-Beliefs Systems that disagree, big & small and excludes nothing. Infinite & Finite, Temporary & Eternal, Limited & Limitless, Perfect & Imperfect, Incomplete & complete, human & Divine (or more than human).

That identity “Divine-Human” 100% divine and 100% human. When that becomes our identity all the others fade into it.” Identity Shifting is an advanced way to play with all your beliefs.

The BS-Belief System that is not true and that I have made up and yet it works like it is (as all BS-Belief Systems do) informs me that we can get the results we want and it can start happening immediately. Immediate improvement. If you suffer, which you can, you can have immediate improvement and results. I see it happen with clients all day long every day in every area of life. It does not matter what area it is, sickness, health, wealth, finances, relationships, whatever. You can get the results you want, immediately, immediate improvement, immediate results.

As one teacher said, “The minds a terrible thing to use, so stop using it.” And before you can get to that point or place you may want to learn how to play with your thinking or train your thinking. It really will benefit you in ways you can’t imagine currently.


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