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Below is a note I just received that made my day and with permission I reprint it here. The note is about…


I am sick with the flu, but felt compelled to reach out and say thanks. I downloaded and starting reading your “Change Your Thinking” ebook, started reading it, loved it, but got caught up in other busy-ness.

This cold, snowy weekend, stuck inside feeling like crap with the flu, I have started reading it again. Damn, it’s good. I’m not even nearly finished but as I said, just had to tell you how powerful it is.

I feel like this is going to be a big year for me, when I finally do become willing and able to let go of some crap and figure out who I really am. I’m heading to Ken’s Phoenix workshop next month, and think that will be one piece of my journey.

Okay, back to reading now to see what else you and Grandpa Vetter have to share…


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To Your Best,
Doc Houston


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